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Who has performed my music?

My music has been performed by Travis Bennett, Paul Bowman, Paul Christopher, Craig Hultgren, Tom Hundemer, David Johansen Unkyoung Kim, Katalin Luckàcs, Kelsey Wright-McDonald, Steele Moegle, Jeremy Owens, Steve Parker, Laura Patterson, Lea Baumert-Patterson, Demondrae Thurman, Generous Ensemble, and Pie for Two. 

Where has my music been performed?

My music has been performed at the Bang on a Can Summer Festival, Electroacoustic Jukejoint Festival, Futureplaces Festival in Portugal,

New Music on the Bayou Festival, The Red Room at Normals Books and Records, Versipel New Music, University of Central Missouri New Music Festival, and various coffee houses, universities, and churches in 15 states. 

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